End of the semester and preparation for CNB`s exam of expertise

In the last blog post I wrote about how the spring semester starts and the first exams await me. They turned out fine and I could carry on with my studies. The rest of the semester was split into two parts. In April, I focused mainly on writing papers and preparing presentations. In each subject I have to complete one written task. Plus, I had to prepare presentations in each, marketing and business law. In May, I was preparing for the final exams once again, which happened during the second and third week. Compared to last year's tests, this year’s exams were much longer. Last year, each test lasted approximately 1.5 hours, this year each exam lasted slightly over 2.5 hours. Although this year's papers were longer and more challenging, I successfully completed all subjects and managed to get all credits. I will return to the university on September 2 when the autumn semester begins.

During the summer, I plan to prepare for the exam of expertise regarding all investment instruments including derivatives, accredited by the Czech National Bank. I need to pass this exam to expand my professional education and to hold higher positions. To be specific, I need this test to be a tied agent of an investment intermediary or securities broker. The good news is that all questions (120 selected from 3000) are multiple choice questions. The bad news is that only the first half of the questions has one correct answer. The other half of the test can have one to four correct answers, which is very difficult in many cases.
If you are interested, try one question from the test here:
Check all the correct answers
Question text: Central Securities Depository is a legal person who:
Answer A: Does not perform settlement but is authorized to keep a central register of investment instruments.
Answer B: Performs settlement but does not keep a central securities register in the Czech Republic.
Answer C: It is a securities settlement company.
Answer D: Does the Central Securities Register in the Czech Republic.The correct answers: C and D

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