Did I finish the bachelor degree programme successfully?

Covid-19 situation slowed down or made a lot of things impossible, fortunately, it did not affect my studies.

The last year in bachelor’s study was in distant form and preparation for state examination was not disrupted in any way. The problem I ran into was that I had absolutely no idea what topic I was going to choose for my Bachelor thesis. Finally, I realized that I was interested in stocks and securities, so I decided to choose a topic related to it.

During my preparation for the state exams, I had a feeling that I had all the time in the world. I chose the wrong approach and I studied in an unorganized way and only when I was in the mood for studying. When I started to study the topics in more detail, my feelings about how much time I had switched to the complete opposite, and I suddenly felt like there was no way I could learn all the material in time. So, I changed my approach and created a system and a plan for my studying. At the moment, my Bachelor study is finished. I can gladly say that I successfully passed the state final exams and defended my bachelor thesis. If I had to give some advice regarding the finals and bachelor thesis; choose the topic in advance, so you have enough time to work on it and plan the preparation ahead for the finals.

Now I am ready for holidays, a time I can spend with family and friends. Of course, I'll have a good rest and prepare for what awaits me after the holidays. For me, studying is far from over. I am accepted for a follow-up master's degree, which I look forward to as much as I did for my bachelor's degree.

Hereby, I would like to thank The Kellner Family Foundation, which made it possible for me to study at CEVRO Institute and all the others who supported me in other ways on my student journey.


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