I was very happy when in April, after more than three months, I could go back to school thanks to exeptions from obligatory quarantine for students.

Despite the strict restrictions, the school made it possible to rehearse even for a bigger groups of people, so I started to play with friends again. And not only that, we could have also played intern concerts, although the number of people in the audience was limited and restricted to the students and employees of the school. Anyways, it was very refreshing after such a long break. In March even an opera project was launched, that involved two months of rehearsals and six concerts in the end of May and beginning of June.

In the end of May, Arditti Quartet – a world famous ensemble, that focuses on a performance of contemporary music – visited our school. They performed on three concerts in the school and held two days masterclasses, which I actively took part in and had the opportunity to have lessons with all the members of the quartet.

Based on a sent recording, I passed to the first round of an international competition ARD. Because of the uncertainties around the pandemic, the organisers decided the first round to be still online, to decrease the number of participants, that will than hopefully meet in München for the second, third and fourth round of the competition. That’s why I spent two weeks ago several hours in a studio to record the program of the first round, trying to imagine performing in front of real audience, despite the fact that in the room was only my violin professor, the sound engineer and the pianist, that I played with. The repertoire itself was only a bit over twenty minutes long, but since on recordings every subtle imperfection is audible, I had to be very consistent.

Now I’m preparing for exams in school, that accumulated into the first two weeks in July. This year there is unusually many things, that I have to do in the theoretical subjects, but still it is many only in the eyes of a music school student. In comparison to the examination period on a law or med school it is far less demanding. In the other hand we always have to keep our fingers fit by spending a lot of time with our instruments and preparing for upcoming concerts in the same time. That’s why anything beyond that can be stressful.

Thanks to another sent recording (yes, in this period, recordings became a prevailing form of presentation) I was given a scholarship in a German foundation Villa Musica, that organises chamber music concerts, that means, that in the next three years I’ll be invited to play on festivals mainly in the region of Rheinland-Pfalz, where the foundation has its residence. In the past years I’ve already taken part in several Villa Musica projects, thanks to its collaboration with the Czech Akademie komorní hudby (Academy of Chamber Music), which I was also a member of, and it was always a great experience. That’s one of the reasons why I’m looking  forward to the next season and I am curious what it is going to bring me.

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