Although it is a relatively long time ago, we can certainly remember a time when students begged for the school to close, for the holidays to be longer, or for the afternoon classes to be canceled. The current situation is a historic moment when all students want the exact opposite.

With how difficult this situation is for me, I can't imagine how difficult this
situation must be for younger students. The light at the end of the tunnel flashes according to
government discussions - once it lights up (we go to school at the beginning of February,
hooray!) and then the light goes out again (schools remain in the same mode), then it turns on
again (we have vaccinations!) and goes out again (the new emergency state will last until
This situation is very challenging for mental health and requires adjustment in many ways.
As a student, in this uneasy time, it is very easy to lose motivation, discipline, and feel
hopeless. My coping mechanism is to incorporate in every day an activity that I enjoy but is
relaxable at the same time. Also, I have wonderful friends that I can turn to at any time to
whom I can turn to when I am not feeling well. I think that the support of others is priceless.
Sometimes, all you have to do is talk, complain a little, and you feel better right away. During
the week, except for attending my lectures, I also teach children English. I know that for
parents whose children must stay at home, the situation must be exhausting. Thus, I
sometimes also become a tutor of physics, math, and a child psychologist who tries to enrich
their experience with online learning and make them smile.
There are things which I miss a lot. I would love to go to my favorite yoga class, visit a nice
exhibition, and sometimes I would like to sit down for a cup of coffee in a cafe. Nevertheless,
I am doing very well. The autumn semester was not only a test of my knowledge but also of
my body since I was positive for Covid in the worst time possible - finals week. Now, the
time for which I should be immune is slowly at the end and I hope Covid will not infect me
again during the finals week in the spring semester. Fortunately, I had a very easy course of
the disease but I can't imagine how old people can manage.
And what awaits me in the spring semester? My courses include health psychology,
psychology of adjustment, sports psychology, academic writing, comparative psychology,
trauma and related disorders, and group work processes. I will be also deciding my bachelor's
thesis topic and last but not least, I want to focus and give as much energy as possible to my
new work which educates me and fulfills me in a number of ways. I wish all students a lot of
strength and mostly perseverance for the next semester.

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