A short break and preparation for the next semester

Another semester passed, and it seems it was shorter than the previous one, and I have to take my exams. Luckily, I passed all of my exams, with great results. I was very pleased because now, I can solely concentrate on my job, for a few months. When my classmates returned home to their families for Christmas, I knew that the real work lies ahead of me. Before Christmas, I had to prepare reports regarding the performance of our clients’ portfolios, in the fourth quarter of 2018, like I prepared at the end of each quarter. Despite the fact that the stock market suffered a sudden fall at the end of this year, our clients’ portfolios kept making profit, thanks to the quality diversification o their assets. In the fourth quarter, in CZK terms, the most profitable investment was an investment into gold.

Thanks to all of this good work, I could relax during the Christmas holiday. Together with my family, I enjoyed the traditional Czech Christmas. I tasted every kind of Christmas cookie, I watched Christmas movies and I went for a walk in the snow with my dogs. I was a very idyllic holiday. On the Christmas eve, I ate fried carp with a potato salad and I watched the movie Pelíšky. After the holidays, I focused on the start of the next year and my promise, from my last post, to start doing more sports.

Other than my job and gaining new experience, I still try to do boxing. As I mentioned in my last post, I still do box once a week but I also started to do other physical activities. Once a week, I practice badminton with three of my friends, also Open Gate alumni. Next, I go to the gym once a week. I am so glad I started to do more sports, because my back no longer hurts when I sit at school or at work, for long periods of time and I feel better overall. Now, my next semester already started. I hope I can keep up the good work in school, at work and in my life overall.

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