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Tomáš Titěra

Our scholarship holder 2014 – 2017


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

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Komunikace a média


Open Gate graduate in 2014

Following the first five years of primary school, I experienced a turnaround that has literally opened the gate to the future for me. Having passed the admission procedure, I started to attend the Open Gate eight-year grammar school, which I completed with a Czech school leaving examination and an International Baccalaureate in 2014. Thanks to the kind and generous support provided by The Kellner Family Foundation, I have had opportunities to develop my academic and social skills in many respects in the modern and dynamic environment of the bilingual grammar school.

In addition to learning, I also worked for the community at Open Gate: in 2012, I was elected chairman of the Student Council; my competences included communicating with the school’s management and organizing cultural events for the school’s students. I was also in charge of promotion and communication with the media for a project called Nobel Peace Prize for Sir Nicholas Winton. As part of this petition campaign, I could get the feel, at least a little, of how the media world works at the professional level, even as media had already been of great interest to me for some time. It is also thanks to this experience, together with my enthusiasm for languages, that I decided, encouraged by The Kellner Family Foundation, to study a discipline entailing information transmission and inter-personal communication in both their formal and everyday informal forms.


Open Gate grammar school, graduated in 2014


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, NL, since 2014



Short-term: adjust to the new environment smoothly and master the basics of Dutch. Long-term: become well-established the field of communications and media in a job both meaningful for me and beneficial to society.


Learning languages, reading, guitar playing and music in general, light hiking, organizing summer camps

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