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Tomáš Jordán

Our scholarship holder 2012 – 2016


Boston University

Field of study

Biomedicínské inženýrství


My name is Tomáš. I come from Olomouc but have lived almost all of my life so far in Moravia’s ‘capital’ (Brno). While I was in third and fourth grade in the suburbs of Brno, I excelled in mathematics competitions, and I decided to switch schools and join the Sirotkova Elementary School with its accelerated mathematics program.

Then, with quite a few talented schoolmates, I proceeded to the mathematics class of the Kapitána Jaroše Grammar School. That move was the defining moment for my intellectual development, as the individualized approach to problem solving based on rational examination helped me develop excellent analytical abilities, critical thinking, and logical deduction, as well as teaching me to be precise and consistent.

I chose my school in the US because of my demanding requirements for my desired area of studies, and the research opportunities were unmatched by the limited study opportunities in our country, considering my academic interests. Therefore, I filed my application with Boston University, which is globally renowned for Biomedical Engineering, while I was in my last year of high school. I was admitted, and it is thanks to the support from The Kellner Family Foundation that I can now study at BU.


Brno Kapitána Jaroše 14 Grammar School (Mathematics Program)


Boston University (Biomedical Engineering), USA



Since early childhood, I have dreamed to discover new knowledge for human civilization that would enable improvements in medical care; discover a substance capable of saving lives and bringing people satisfaction and wealth. My current vision is to participate in research into artificial tissues and neuromotor disorders, and I would like to contribute to the development of biomedical engineering in the Czech Republic.


Music is a great hobby for me, as it can turn even the most commonplace situation into an extracorporeal astral trip, and I pursue it actively as a hard rock guitar player. I like tinkering with things and changing the world to suit me, which may be why I recently became an amateur photographer. My love of natural sciences, philosophy and literature is associated with this I guess. I write short stories and prose poetry. Last but not least, I enjoy less traditional sports, preferably of the contact variety, such as American lacrosse.

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