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Samanta Rožánková

Our student 2018 - 2022


University College London

Field of study

Medicinal Chemistry


None of my family works in scientific disciplines, and so I was not close to science as a child. I thought that I was no good at science. It was only when I gained access to practical demonstrations at school that I started to enjoy biology and chemistry classes. It was only when I had a chance to do experiments myself, to examine and analyze the results, and to find causes for various processes that I saw what science offers, and I decided to study this field.

I regard the combination of biology and chemistry as very impressive; the way the two disciplines cooperate with each other and help us understand even the smallest parts of living organisms, and how in medical sciences they help heal and combat infections, thereby improving the quality of life. In the future, I would like to pursue the disciplines associated with healthcare. This is why I have opted for Medicinal Chemistry at UCL.

I was very interested in studying abroad, which I felt would open the door to a number of opportunities: for personal development, for meeting similar enthusiasts from all over the world, and equally importantly, for becoming independent. I look forward very much to having the opportunity to combine science with foreign languages and all that sport has taught me, and to leverage all of this in my future career. And indeed, I believe that if you have fun doing what you do, you have a chance to succeed.


The Thomas Mann Grammar School (2010–2012)

The English College in Prague (2012–2018)


University College London, a three-year Medicinal Chemistry program, started in 2018, expected graduation as a BSc in 2021



My key goal is to absorb the largest possible amount of academic knowledge and life experience from my studies and to enjoy the learning process. I look forward to gaining a deep insight into the subject of my choice so that I can then choose one of the specializations in a follow-up program and then in my professional life. I will strive for the best possible academic results, and I would like to participate in student life at the university. Naturally, I look forward to getting to know London and other parts of the UK, and their culture, and to make new friends.


I have been doing synchronized skating since the age of six, and it has taken up most of my free time up to now. I love to dedicate my leisure to sports, both on the ice and outside ice, skiing, or swimming. I like travelling and getting to know new places, cultures, and languages. In addition to English, I can communicate in German and can speak some Spanish. I enjoy organizing various sport and cultural events. Good movies and TV series help me relax pleasantly.

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