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Prokop Šícha

Our scholarship holder 2013 – 2016


Technische Universität Dresden

Field of study

Mezinárodní vztahy

I come from Prague, but I have spent a part of my life in Germany with my six-member family. These eight years abroad have equipped me with an excellent knowledge of the language, and also experience with a rather different culture and perception of the European idea. This experience is behind my long-standing interest in international developments and the functioning of the EU. At high school, I joined a number of extracurricular projects focused on international relations and even organized some of them myself. I also did translations and engaged in scouting.

The curriculum in Dresden is taught in German and English, and includes intensive classes of a third language (Russian in my case), also focusing on economics and the broader aspects of international relations in addition to European and international law; all of this makes for a perfect mix of all of my interests and the fulfillment of a great wish. Thanks to financial grants from The Kellner Family Foundation, I am able to be fully immersed in learning at a prestigious institute of a German university. Thank you very much!


The Na Pražačce Grammar School, in 2011 Gymnasium Marie Curie in Berlin


Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, International Relations


My goal is to engage in law and economics in the European Union, but I would also like to work in other international organizations. My secret dream is to contribute to one of the world’s newspapers, because I have always been an enthusiastic reader of their stories on global developments and admire the art of presenting an issue or region in a way that is both captivating and comprehensive.


Scouting and, as part of it, mountaineering and climbing, debating, learning about European and international politics in practice, and also interest in cultural developments, music, visual arts, applied arts, and literature

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