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Petr Maňas

Our scholarship holder 2016 – 2020


The University of Edinburgh

Field of study

Software Engineering


Open Gate graduate in 2016

I come from Bojkovice, a small town near the border of the Zlín Region. It was therefore, as one might expect, a shock to me when my family moved to the Czech capital Prague before I started high school. As I found out rather quickly, however, this decision opened a door to a completely different world for me, and the Open Gate eight-year grammar school was a step over the threshold.

I was homeschooled by my mother for the first part of my elementary education. I joined Open Gate School in the second year of the eight-year program [“sekunda”], and I lived there, learning and meeting new people, for the remaining seven years. Living at the school meant quite a lot to me, especially the opportunity to continue my studies abroad.

While I was at Open Gate School, I received an offer from The University of Edinburgh, where I had long wanted to attend and where my life’s path is now continuing.
I am studying Software Engineering, which is a branch of information science that I have been interested in since I was a child and that I am planning to pursue as a career. For this reason, I am very grateful to The Kellner Family Foundation for opening the gates to Open Gate School for me and for accompanying me through the passage to university education.



Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2016


The University of Edinburgh, U.K., a five-year course in Software Engineering, beginning 2016



During my studies at the University of Edinburgh, receive an education that will help me progress in both my career and personal life.


Piano playing, programming, card tricks