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Monika Mimrová

Our student 2013 - 2014


University of Finance and Administration

Field of study

Business Management and Corporate Finance

I am a traveler of sorts. Because of moving house relatively frequently, I attended elementary school in three towns in the Czech Republic. But I spent the longest time, and completed school, in Vrchlabí. Then I graduated from the secondary school of hospitality, also in Vrchlabí. I was very attracted by Economics at school. At the same time, studies at the hotel school inspired me to business in this industry in the future. I therefore decided that following secondary school I would try my luck at a tertiary education institution in economics.

I therefore opted for Business Management and Corporate Finance at The University of Finance and Administration in Prague, a program that covers both, economics and corporate management. Since business attracts me very much, at least in theory at present, I decided to write my bachelor’s thesis on the subject of A Business Plan for Establishing a Firm. For the purpose of the thesis, I selected the option of starting a guesthouse with a view to gauging my potential future opportunities and gaining the information required for making my dream come true: running a business in the hospitality industry one day. In June 2013, having successfully completed my bachelor’s thesis and passed the examinations in the last examination period, I graduated from the Bachelor’s program at the school.

As time went by I found myself wanting a complete university education to gain as much information about business as possible. And so, in 2013 I enrolled in a two-year Master’s program and continue to study the subject of Business Management and Corporate Finance; in this respect, I am going to receive great help from The Kellner Family Foundation, for which I would like to thank it very much.


The Hronov Vocational and Secondary School of Hospitality and Travel Industry, Ltd., the Hotel Industry and Tourism program; graduated in 2010


The University of Finance and Administration, Business Management and Corporate Finance; started in 2010


My current goal is to graduate from the university first of all and then, naturally, find a job in the same field. But the highest goal that I would like to realize one day is to run a hospitality business.


Traveling, sport, culture, reading, and music