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Markéta Hrehorová

Our student 2015 - 2016
Markéta Hrehorová
Markéta Hrehorová


Anglo-American University in Prague

Field of study



Open Gate graduate in 2015

I am an Open Gate graduate currently enrolled the Anglo-American University in Prague. In addition to school, I also work as the manager at a UGO Juices store.

I didn’t want to do business originally – my dream was to become a painter, a confectioner, or a lawyer. But I really began enjoying economics at high school, and that probably brought me to my current school. Healthy nutrition is my biggest hobby – I can discourage people from eating a lot of meals they carelessly savored in the past (though, strangely enough, this doesn’t make them as happy as me) as well as give dietary advice. This is why I am so incredibly happy now to ‘seize’ my current job. I believe that combining the theory learned at school with real-life work, I am building a solid foundation for my future life.


Open Gate Grammar School in Babice, Czech Republic, graduated in 2015


Anglo-American University in Prague, CZE, started in 2015




Do what I like and what fulfills me – hopefully in a field covering both of my main interests: business and catering with a focus on a healthy diet.


Reading, painting, swimming, jogging, cooking and baking