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Marcela Dorňáková

Our student 2012 - 2013


University of Finance and Administration

Field of study

Finance and Financial Services


I graduated from the Hotel School in Třebíč, specializing as a Sales Representative. Working in the banking sector had attracted me since childhood, so when the opportunity arose to study Banking at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague, I did not hesitate for a minute. As expected, I enjoy studying the subject. In my 3 years at the school, I confirmed to myself that I had chosen the right direction, and once I graduate from the University I would like to work in the field of banking.

I successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree this year, and my Master’s program - Finance and Financial Services - is up next for the next two years. I would like to use this opportunity to thank The Kellner Family Foundation, which has been supporting me financially and enabled me to complete my studies.


Třebíč Hotel School, Sales Representative specialization, graduated in 2009


University of Finance and Administration, Finance and Financial Services two-year Master’s program, Czech Republic



At the moment, my goal is to successfully complete my Master’s degree, during which I hope to gain experience in banking that would help me in finding job after graduation.


Reading, traveling, family, friends, sports