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Lucie Studená

Our student 2015 - 2017


University of Cambridge

Field of study

Natural Sciences

I am perhaps a somewhat crazy girl sometimes, one who has not yet got tired of learning new things. I love science, sports, travelling and learning the various forms and shapes of the world. I will sometimes throw myself into the unknown so that I can get to know something new, mainly in terms of what people believe in and how they perceive the world. I believe that our happiness – at least in the developed world – depends primarily on how we evaluate the events that come our way.

I am a Natural Sciences student at the University of Cambridge in my third year, specializing in biology, in particular plant sciences, although this is primarily because this Department is mostly into synthetic biology (a combination of biology and engineering). I am also drawn to bioinformatics a bit, which is a field that I focused on in my high school science project at the Czech Academy of Sciences, and I would like to combine it all, creating biological ‘devices’ to help humanity or the environment, in part using computers too.


Jan Keppler Grammar School in Prague, Czech Republic, (graduated in 2014)
Downe House School, UK (2012)


University of Cambridge, UK, started 2014


Study successfully, and later become involved in actual science and contribute my research bit to our knowledge about the world; develop my personality; help high school students discover science.


I love all sorts of outdoor activities – hiking in the mountains, spelunking and kayaking are probably my current favorites. Other than that, I like to go rock climbing or snowboarding when I get the opportunity. Aside from sports, I am an amateur photographer and baker, and I used to play the guitar and flute but there is no time left for that now. I really got into dramatic improvisation over the past year and half, although I am struggling with it desperately.

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