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Libor Mysliveček

Our scholarship holder 2014 – 2019


University of Bristol

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Open Gate graduate in 2013

My interest in medicine originally sprouted from my love of the natural sciences. Since the beginning of high school, I have studied the various physiological processes in the human body and wanted to gain a really deep insight into them at any cost. However, the human contact side of things was important for me when I was considering my future career, and therefore the opportunity to exert a positive influence on the lives of people with health problems as a physician filled me with great enthusiasm.

This is one of the reasons why I participated in several research projects and summer programs, and also a volunteering program at the spinal rehabilitation unit of the Motol University Hospital, an internship at the Vinohrady Hospital’s intervention angiology department, and at the Shri Ram hospital in Jodhpur (India) in the general surgery and orthopedics department.

One of the many reasons why I have decided to study medicine in the United Kingdom rather than the Czech Republic was the U.K. doctors’ approach to their patients. Rather than a paternalistic doctor-patient relationship, they prefer a relationship based on cooperation and the patients’ right to choose for themselves, and they approach their patients as customers of a service, taking into account their social, psychological and economic background.

To make my position clear: I do not want to make any comparisons of health care systems or even medical schools, since I myself believe that in medicine, it does not depend so much at which school or in which country you receive your degree, but on your attitude, as a doctor, to your medical practice and to your patients.

I myself very much wanted to graduate from a medical school that would not only equip me with the required knowledge and skills but would also place emphasis on research and on a holistic approach to medicine. I am delighted to note that at the University of Bristol, I have found all that I had expected from studies of general medicine, and that the school has surpassed my expectations in many respects.


Open Gate grammar school, graduated in 2013


University of Bristol, U.K., since 2013



My current goal is to focus on a research project in my second year of medicine at the University of Bristol and then be admitted to and successfully complete a summer research internship in cardiovascular diseases through the Amgen Scholars Program at Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Following graduation in medicine, I would like to do a postgrad during the clinical certification period and then engage in both clinical medicine and my own research.


Reading, music, learning, fitness, floorball, swimming

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