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Kateřina Petrusová

Our student 2018 - 2021


The University of Edinburgh

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I have been playing music and writing since age four, when I learned to read and play the flute. When I joined the 1st International School of Ostrava at age seven, I added languages to my interests. I still remember coming back home on the first day and raging in my seat, claiming that I would not go to a school, where I didn’t understand the teaching language. I could not fathom at the time that I would add Spanish to English later and that I would produce my amateur literary attempts in all three languages at once.

Thanks to a generous scholarship, I transferred to an international boarding school in the picturesque community of St. Gilgen in Austria in 2015 to complete my secondary education with the International Baccalaureate and to continue pursuing music, specifically choir singing and playing the French horn and piano, and playing various sports that the school offered an abundance of. From there, my journey took me to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where I just completed my first year and where, despite the stereotyped notions of rainy weather, the sun shines more often than anywhere else I have had the pleasure of living. I do not know where it will shine for me next, but since writing has been fulfilling me to this day, I would like to work as a journalist after graduation. My experience in Austria and in Scotland has taught me that you can do anything—just never give up. Hopefully, it will work out for me this time too.


St. Gilgen International School 2015–2017

1st International School of Ostrava 2006–2014


The University of Edinburgh, four-year Sociology and Psychology program, beginning 2017, expected graduation in 2021 with the Master of Arts degree



I aim to focus only on what I really enjoy and respect myself enough to always defend my stance.


Theater, writing, reading, dancing, playing musical instruments, yoga, hiking

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