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Jonáš Fuksa

Our scholarship holder 2017 – 2021


University of Cambridge

Field of study

Natural Sciences Physical


I daresay studying at PORG in Libeň gave me wide horizons and sparked my interest in the most diverse areas of human knowledge. I discovered the language of physics as one that is the closest to my heart. In this era of maximum specialization, I consider it to be useful to strive for setting my field of specialization into the broadest context possible, try to understand its position among the others and know its opportunities and limitations. This is one of the reasons why I took an interest in Natural Sciences, a varied subject that offers just that.

At this point I can imagine my area of specialization mostly as basic research in theoretical physics. I would like to join the efforts to combat climate change too. I will get my first taste of environmental physics right in my first year as part of Earth Sciences.

Aside from a professional career, I consider it to be crucial to retain my broad horizons. For me, art and mainly music is the counterbalance to science, as are sports, especially basketball. I look forward to university life to bring me development opportunities in these areas too.

Secondary School   

PORG – Grammar School and Elementary School, graduated in 2017


The University of Cambridge, beginning 2017



Avoid drowning in the stream of ideas and information around us, become part of it and maybe even enjoy the voyage.


Physics, studying music, playing with a band, music writing, basketball, thinking and debating

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