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Jakub Langr

Our grant holder 2012 – 2015


University of Oxford

Field of study

Filozofie, politika a ekonomie


I spent most of my high school years in Prague, except for the year when, thanks to the one-year ASSIST grant (also known as the Open Society Fund grant in our country), I was at the McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The year was truly enriching, and I am grateful for this opportunity. By the way, it also suggested to me to apply for US and UK schools. In the end, I was quite successful in both directions – what makes me the happiest is that I was admitted to Oxford in the UK and Princeton in the US; both are schools of global renown and choosing between them is virtually impossible.

My leisure time has been strongly affected by English debating, and I am very grateful for that, as it’s something that brought the key element of critical thinking – which I would lack otherwise – to my thinking. Complementing my Czech education with American education helped a lot as well, and I will add British education in a few weeks (one of the reasons why I eventually opted for England is that I have never studied there before). As for my after-school achievements, as a debater I participated in several independent competitions and became the world champion or close (1st place among 330 teams at IPPF 2012; 1st place at the World Online Debating Championship 2010, the 2nd Best Speaker – and the best non-native speaker – at the KPDC World Championship 2010, etc.).

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2004-2010 Gymnázium Nad Alejí high school
2010-2011 ASSIST Grant - McCallie School
2011-2012 Gymnázium Nad Alejí


2012-2015 University of Oxford, UK - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics



My goals are quite flexible. One thing is the possibilities that will arise, and I always like to try something new. Another thing is the development of my potential. So we’ll see; for the time being, I want to finish my Bachelor’s degree, and I don’t know what comes next yet.


English debating, computers and networks, politics, economics, psychology

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