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Eva Strnadová

Our student 2017 - 2020


University College London

Field of study

Francouzský a německý jazyk


I was born in Jablonec nad Nisou and started my education there as well. I went to a select class focused on foreign languages and then transferred to the eight-year Dr. Anton Randa Grammar School. The school gave me general awareness and allowed me to discover the magical world of foreign languages and drama. I currently study at University College London. The excellent job that my French teacher did sparked my interest in French culture, and so I chose to take French in university. I was often asked: “How come you speak no German when you are a girl from the Sudeten (Czech borderland, formerly inhabited mostly by ethnic Germans)?”, so my choice for a second language was obvious.

The generous support from The Kellner Family Foundation allows me to continue my studies and even plan a Master’s program. Once I graduate, I want to represent my country and work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


Secondary School:    

The Dr. Anton Randa Grammar School (2008-2016)


University College London (BA, French and German), beginning 2016



Excellent academic results are part of a successful student life. I want to develop my volunteering skills and use them in the country where I am studying. Also, I find it important to lend a helping hand to The Czech Centre in London and write inspirational blog posts for the students who consider studying abroad. My long-term plans include a Master’s program at the Diplomatische Akademie in Vienna.


My studies focus on foreign languages – French and German. I am also learning Italian and Chinese. In my spare time, I pursue cultural activities and sports. I especially like absurd drama and active relaxation in the form of hiking, tennis, yoga and tai chi.

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