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Aneta Baďurová

Our student 2016 - 2019


University of Durham

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I have always seen music as pure beauty and joy. I began singing in a choir at age four, and even today that kind of singing is close to my heart. I am absolutely enthralled by how music can bring people together. It is always around us, and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Besides singing, I also play the piano, write music, or just let myself float away in music. I also enjoy singing at the local retirement home. I have decided to study music because I feel it means something in this world.

My next greatest passion after music is travelling. Getting to know new people and cultures – often through music – is an immensely enriching experience, which is why I am excited to be able to study this discipline in the U.K. thanks to support from The Kellner Family Foundation.


Six-year bilingual program at the English Section of the Olomouc-Hejčín Grammar school, graduated in 2016



Durham University, UK, Music, beginning 2016




To understand the essence of music and to make full use of its potential as a valuable tool for communication.


Singing, piano, photography, reading, theater, volunteer activities, travel

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The Secret of the Rudolfinum

I would like to use this blog entry as an excuse to escape my academic commitments set by the third year at university for a moment; I will go back to the time at the end of August and beginning of September when I spent three weeks in the beautiful building of the Prague Rudolfinum as an intern in the Czech Philharmonic. What made this internship particularly valuable is that I had the opportunity to observe the work in the majority of the departments of the CP and also completed various tasks the staff had prepared for me. In the Customer Service and Communication Department I experienced what it is like to deal with common and uncommon customer requests and enquiries. I was lucky to attend the annual marketing meeting which provided me an overview of marketing strategies and responsibilities of the department for the upcoming season. I realised that there is so much more to the job of music librarians than meets the eye: not just putting music on the stands and returning it back to folders after a concert. Similarly, the Secretariat have to arrange more than just the director’s agenda. During my internship, the CP were holding auditions both for the main orchestra and the Orchestral Academy; being involved in their running helped me understand how they are organised and how the audition process works. In this blog, however, I will focus mainly on my experience in the Concert and Educational Department as these are the areas I would like to work in in the future.