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Agatha Cimbalová

Our grant holder 2018 - 2020


University College London

Field of study

Biomedical Sciences


I come from Prague, where I graduated from the eight-year college-prep program at Johannes Kepler Gymnasium this year. Throughout my studies, the school provided me with an unbelievable range of opportunities and options in both my academic and personal life. I was fortunate enough to spend eight years with interesting and intelligent students, with whom I was constantly moving forward and learning new things. At the same time, I had many opportunities for my personal development and could focus on the subjects that interested me.

In 11th grade [“sexta”], I won a three-month scholarship to Downe House School, a girls’ boarding school in the U.K. The experience changed my vision of the future. I had to choose just four subjects, to which I had to devote eight hours a week, which helped me to realize which subject I wanted to study at university.

And why biomedical science? I believe that both the humanities and the natural sciences are the fruits of human self-awareness. The desire to find out why we move, why we breathe, and how we think is something we all share. Since time immemorial, we have formulated questions regarding our lives and being through art, and have tried to find answers through science. This fascination with the human body is as old as humankind itself.

I see two sides coming together within me. One of them likes beauty and appreciates the uniqueness of things through observation. The other needs to analyze everything and to find rational causes. I have come to see that the natural sciences are the ideal combination of these two sides of my personality, because they not only offer answers and uncover mysteries, but they are also beautiful.


Johannes Kepler Gymnasium [The Johannes Kepler eight-year high school] (2008-2016)

Downe House School (September 2013 – December 2013)


University College London, U.K., bachelor’s program in Biomedical Sciences (from 2016)



I would like to be an excellent student who is defined not just by school and grades but also by her extracurricular activities. I would like to be part of scientific and recreational clubs and to continue to do volunteer work. And in the distant future? I dream of being part of a scientific team in a laboratory specializing in molecular biology, genetics, or neuroscience, or to work for a pharmaceutical company while still retaining my moral and ethical values.


I admire classical art, theater, film, and literature, and also enjoy doing sports. My favorite activities include modern dance, tennis, Iyengar yoga, and various outdoor activities, especially hiking in the mountains.

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