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Adam Rektor Polánek

Our scholarship holder 2017 – 2021


University of St. Andrews

Field of study

Art History and English


Open Gate graduate in 2017

I was born and grew up in the Liberec Region. In 2011, I left the Jablonec Grammar School for the eight-year Open Gate Grammar School, from which I graduated thanks to the generous support of The Kellner Family Foundation in 2017.

Aside from reading and writing, I also focus on academic debates and theater, which gives my life a new dimension every time. I participated in essayist competitions and wrote for the school newspaper. I am interested in history and global political developments, and mainly in how to change them for the better. Ballroom dancing (both Standard and Latin dances), which I started while still in elementary school, helps me relax.

Languages and literature have been my main interests ever since childhood, but I did not decide to study these subjects at university until I came to Open Gate. The University of St Andrews has enchanted me by its illustrious history, a unique academic community and its location – St Andrews is a university town where you can see polar lights on cold winter nights.

Secondary School: 

Jablonec nad Nisou Grammar School 2009-2011
Open Gate Grammar and Elementary School, graduated in 2017


The University of St Andrews, a four-year MA program of English and Art History



My primary goal at the moment is to complete my university studies, preferably with a doctor’s degree. As for career goals, I would like to teach, translate or be a journalist. I also want to travel the world and master at least two more languages (one European and one non- European).


Theater, visual art, ballroom dancing

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