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Adam Lalák

Our grant holder 2012 – 2016


University of Cambridge

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I am a Prague native, but I feel at home all over the Czech Republic, which I love to travel all over with a backpack and a guitar. Thanks to a grant by the UK’s HMC, I spent the last two years of high school at a boarding school on the east coast of Scotland. This year, I begin studying philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Topics that I am interested in include ethics, language, education, and the essence of modernity. I like philosophy for both its constructive and destructive functions, and how the two interconnect. The Kellner Family Foundation has been kindly helping me to obtain some of the best education in my field.


Nad Alejí High School in Prague; Loretto School in Scotland from 2010 (history, politics and physics), graduated in 2012


University of Cambridge, UK, Philosophy, started in 2012



Reach a higher plane of understanding the world and contribute to making it a better place


Painting, hiking, tennis

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