The Kellner Family Foundation donated almost CZK 90 million last year

The Kellner Family Foundation – the philanthropic foundation of Renáta and Petr Kellner – distributed almost CZK 90 million in donations in 2016. The Kellner Family Foundation channelled most of the funds into educational projects and into support for academically gifted children under its three main projects: Open Gate, Helping Schools Succeed and the Universities project. Over the eight years of its existence, The Kellner Family Foundation has sponsored children, students, teachers and researchers with a total of CZK 533 million.

Students of the Open Gate eight-year grammar school in Babice near Prague received almost one half of the total amount allocated by The Kellner Family Foundation (KFF) over 2016, in the form of need-based grants. As of the 2016/2017 academic year, Open Gate had 237 students, of which 94 were enrolled there thanks to the KFF’s need-based grants. Twelve grantees have come to Open Gate from foster care, eight from children’s homes, and the rest from socially disadvantaged families.

2016 was an important year for the Helping Schools Succeed project. The KFF launched this project in 2010 and has been developing and financing it ever since. An experienced team of experts is helping improve the quality of teaching at public elementary schools by encouraging and mentoring teachers to use an individualised approach to pupils. In 2016, the KFF directly provided support to more than 400 teachers in this way and, through them, to more than 6,000 pupils at public elementary schools throughout the Czech Republic. The KFF’s support for the Helping Schools Succeed project amounted to almost CZK 37 million in 2016.

As in preceding years, the third pillar of the support provided by KFF was the Universities project. Fifty successful students are currently enrolled at universities and other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and beyond with the help of this project. Over the existence of this project, the KFF has disbursed grants for school fees, and the costs incurred in studying, to as many as 120 students. In 2016, students received CZK 7.45 million from the KFF.

The KFF has posted the complete Annual Report 2016 at (

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The Kellner Family Foundation
The Kellner Family Foundation, a family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner was created in 2009 to promote long-term educational projects intended for elementary school pupils and teachers, students of secondary schools, higher education institutions and postgraduates. It seeks out and supports academically gifted children and young people who grow up in environments that impede or prevent their access to high-quality education. KFF donates most of the funds through need-based grants to Open Gate grammar school students, through financial grants to students enrolled at Czech and foreign universities and to the Helping Schools Succeed project that is currently running at public elementary schools. Since it was established, the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has contributed more than CZK 533 million to socially beneficial projects. More at

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