As many as 50 students will receive scholarships under The Kellner Family Foundation’s UNIVERSITIES project.

Studying at Oxford, Yale or other prestigious universities or colleges? In the past, this was a dream that would not come true for many generations of gifted students. For the fourth year now, THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION helps many students make these dreams come true. As many as 50 remarkably gifted young people who have shown determination and abilities to succeed in fierce competition at universities will receive scholarships under the UNIVERSITIES project for this school year.

“For this school year, the foundation’s Board of Trustees has approved scholarships for as many as 50 students, 20 more than in the preceding year. Out of the large number of applications we have very carefully selected students who have proved their excellent academic results to date, and also ambitions to succeed in the field of study of their choice. The students’ active help to their community is also important,” Hana Halfarová, Project Director of the Universities and Open Gate projects at The Kellner Family Foundation, explains the selection process. For this school year, the foundation has earmarked some CZK 10 million for scholarships under the Universities project.

The foundation’s Board of Trustees decides on grants on the basis of suggestions and recommendations by Hana Halfarová, the Universities Project Director. The founders of the foundation, Mr. Petr Kellner and his wife Renáta, and Mr. Jan Leiner are the Trustees.

Criteria applied by the foundation’s Board of Trustees:

  • Academic results so far; ranking in various competitions; confirmation of language skills

  • Prestige of the college/university at which the applicant intends to study

  • Recommendations from teachers

  • Essay on plans for the future

  • The student’s community work

  • Financial situation of the student’s family

The foundation supports students in Bachelor’s courses. As an exception, two Master’s students at Vysoká škola finanční a správní [The University of Finance and Administration] in Prague have been included. These students grew up at a children’s home and now have followed up on their Bachelor’s course at the same school, during which they received support from one of the municipal districts of Prague.

Universities and other higher education institutions at which students from the Czech Republic will be enrolled in the 2012/2013 school year with financial support provided by The Kellner Family Foundation:

  • U.S.: For example, Columbia University, Yale University, and The Juilliard School of Music New York

  • England and Scotland: For example, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the University of St Andrews, and The University of Aberdeen

  • Czech Republic: For example, The University of Finance and Administration in Prague, the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, and New York University in Prague

  • Other countries: For example, Reims Management School (France), Royal Conservatoire de Bruxelles (Belgium), and Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg (Germany)

The Kellner Family Foundation grants scholarships under the Universities scheme once a year. The cut-off date for the next round is May 31, 2013.

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