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Slatiňany Primary School


Experience of the teaching team at the project school

Experts and trends

The project has enabled us to learn from some great Czech education experts. It has also given us access to the latest trends and proven innovative practices. All our meetings with the project’s expert team, project consultants and colleagues from other schools have benefited us enormously. As we introduce the inspiration and examples of good practice into our school, we have the reassurance that we are headed in much the same direction.

Sharing and co-teaching as a path to openness and respect

Our teachers have always returned full of enthusiasm from Festivals of Teaching Inspiration and the project schools’ sharing sessions, where they explored formative assessment, reading, Hejný’s mathematics teaching method and English. Later, outside these sharing sessions, we visited specific project and reading schools in smaller, more narrowly focused groups and sought inspiration from them.

The project has also helped us tremendously in promoting co-teaching at our school where we felt it would be meaningful. This then gradually guided us towards introducing learning groups and other forms of teacher collaboration. The approach encouraged more openness and mutual respect within the team.

Learning open to all

Financial support under the project has enabled us to maintain the services of a remedial teacher, a school psychologist and an internal mentor at the school. Our teachers have been able to attend numerous high-quality training events that would have been closed to us without support. In addition, a project consultant has been available continuously to help them improve the quality of their teaching so that it delivers as much benefit to the students as possible. In addition to the consultant’s inspirational materials, tips for further training and teaching expertise, she has instilled the school with a focus the personal development of its staff as teachers. We feel that our school is now simply a better place for teaching and learning for everyone.

Ivo Mandys

Head Teacher