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Cardinal František Tomášek Primary School


Experience of the teaching team at the project school

We read differently, and we pass it on

In June 2020, we completed a “reading school” series under the Helping Schools Succeed project, which taught us to look at teaching reading and reading comprehension from a completely new angle. The project’s leaders then gave us the opportunity to start supporting the development of reading literacy at other schools in the Moravian-Silesian Region, an offer we gladly accepted.

Since September 2020, we have therefore been working with ten other schools to develop the teaching skills of all our teachers and exploring the impact of learning on our pupils. We are also helping our fellow teachers transform the entire culture at their schools and learning to engage in collegial support.

Naturally, our school team also prepares workshops for our own school’s teachers and shares the experience we gain from national project events.

Support from consultants keeps us moving forward.

As a project school acting as a type of hub for the region, we continue to consult on an individual basis with an external project consultant. From these consultations, we learn about opportunities to make further progress in improving our teaching. Our teachers also meet the project consultant every Monday online for a reading workshop.

We appreciate free educational activities under the guidance of experienced instructors, the chance to visit affiliated regional schools from whom we often take inspiration, and regular financial support to purchase books for the school library.