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Český Krumlov Primary School


This school has been involved in the project since the 2017/18 school year and has thirteen affiliated schools.

Experience of the teaching team at the project school

Immersed in the transformation of the Czech education system

We joined the project as a reading school in 2017. Since then, we have felt that we are literally immersed in the transformation of the Czech education system. And we are honoured to be a part of it.

Knowing more about teaching better

Our access to innovations and best practices from the world of teaching has enabled us to fundamentally transform the teaching of participating teachers for the better. We see that they are better able to formulate subject-specific and reading goals and work with the Reading Continuum to develop their students’ reading skills in the best possible way. They also keep an eye on the impact of their teaching, invite colleagues to their lessons and discuss the students’ work together.

Reading workshops have become an integral part of the school curriculum and are regularly included in class schedules. Their popularity has also been boosted by project support which let us purchase books for class libraries, which the children literally devour. In turn, they become more eager to write – which is why some of our teachers also hold writing workshops for pupils.

Open to the new

The change in approach to teaching has been accompanied by a shift in the culture of the whole school. Teachers are more open to new things and have become more collaborative. They are not afraid of talking about setbacks and any difficulties they might be experiencing. Together, they are able to identify what we still need to learn in order to better teach our pupils.

Participating teachers derive new inspiration from subject-specific and experiential meetings held nationally. Because they return eager to pass on the knowledge they have gained to their colleagues at school, more and more teachers have shown an interest in the project’s vision over time.

The main matter is not to be afraid of asking for advice

The project’s consultants are a great help on our journey. They work regularly with certain teachers directly in the classroom and also help them prepare open classes for affiliated schools. In addition, they provide feedback to managers so that they can think more coherently about the next steps for the teaching staff. Finally, they assist in setting up or directly leading workshops for our teachers.