O granty z projektu Univerzity mohou čeští studenti žádat do 31. května 2015

Czech Students can apply for UNIVERSITIES grants before May 31, 2015

O granty z projektu Univerzity mohou čeští studenti žádat do 31. května 2015
The Kellner Family Foundation’s UNIVERSITIES project will open the door to the world’s best universities for Czech students once again in the 2015/2016 school year. Talented students can apply for grants under this program, now in its seventh year, by May 31, 2015.

The UNIVERSITIES project is intended for students seeking entry to prestigious foreign and Czech universities, primarily in undergraduate programs. Applicants for The Kellner Family Foundation’s grants must have achieved excellent academic results and be able to show that their complicated socioeconomic backgrounds might prevent them from making their way through higher education.

In the current school year, KFF is sponsoring 57 secondary school graduates from throughout the Czech Republic in their studies at the world’s most prestigious universities. Talented students, including some from the Open Gate grammar school every year, are enrolled at University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to name a few. The Kellner Family Foundation has slated more than CZK 11 million for grants for Czech students in the current school year. It plans to provide approximately the same amount in grants in the next school year.

“Through grants, the UNIVERSITIES project helps students who achieve excellent academic results but whose complicated socioeconomic backgrounds impede their access to high-quality educations. Our grantees promote the Czech Republic’s good name in many countries through their commitment and achievements,”
says Mrs. Hana Halfarová, UNIVERSITIES and Open Gate project director at The Kellner Family Foundation.

Following the deadline for grant applications (May 31, 2015), selected students will be invited to join the second round, a personal interview at KFF’s offices. The Board of Trustees will then decide on the allocation of grants.

Detailed information about the project and the requirements for grant applicants is available on The Kellner Family Foundation’s website at www.kellnerfoundation.cz/univerzity.

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