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15. November 2017 Veronika Šilhanová

CEVRO Institute, breaking the myths about private universities

About a month ago, my university life started. It is often said that when you go to a uni, it’s one big party, and that you are so broke you’re only eating instant soups or bread with ketchup. I could not identify with any of these stereotypes yet, as well as with the rumour that when you go to private university, you are only buying your diploma. CEVRO is a very good example of the exact opposite.

The first lessons I had started in a similar manner. Our teachers warned us that if we think we don’t have to do anything for school preparation, since we are on private school, we are wrong. They said that without proper preparation and learning, we won`t be able to finish this school. And what they said was true.

I must really say we get through loads of information and new topics during our lessons. Even so, i am very surprised that I really enjoy every single lesson because they are interactive and I get new knowledge, which is practical for our everyday life. It is ironic, that when i was thinking about the subject I want to study on university, I was decided that I really don’t want to take history and law . Now these two are my compulsory subjects, and they belong to my favourite ones. I think the fact that I really enjoy my studies and I like to go to school is a very good example that CEVRO selects their teachers very carefully, since our future is in their hands.

In addition, CEVRO suits me because the only difference from Open Gate is that we don’t have to wear uniforms, and that we don’t have our own dormitories. Being a small school leads to very individual attitude toward students; therefore we are able to consult everything with our teachers. We are not just a number in the list of students; we are beings with potential that want to be developed by our school. Moreover, it is very comfortable to know every single classmate of mine, which leads to not having to feel like a stranger in our class. In addition CEVRO prepares loads of teambuilding activities like the adaptation course, welcome party, or beer with the rector, which allows us to get more in touch with our teachers in person.

On the other hand, I have to say the shift from being at Open Gate, having all the service, to real life where I have to clean, cook and care about me by myself was hard at the beginning. However, I have to say I got used to it very quickly and I enjoy these necessities. The only sad thing about my contemporary lifestyle is that I don`t have time to do any hobbies. Everyday, I go to school, to work and at the very end I have to study. It is very unique if I have a free day.

All in all, I am very glad to have such opportunity because it is a very good preparation for the future. We will see how my opinion changes because the examination time is in one month.


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