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Tomáš Marťák

* 1997


The Plzeň Grammar School, Mikulášské nám. 23, Czech Republic, graduated in 2016


The University of Glasgow, U.K., beginning 2016



Favourite subjects

Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics


I would like to graduate in a sub-discipline of biochemistry at a university outside the Czech Republic, ideally achieving at least a master’s degree, and to continue to do music, sports and travelling while at school.

Interests and hobbies

Playing the flute and piano, literature, drawing, and cooking.

Student resume

I was born in Plzeň, but I lived with my family in California from the age of three; my mother homeschooled me until the 8th grade. The transition to the Czech school system at the age of 13 was quite difficult initially, but eventually I plowed through the system to reach the Plzeň Grammar School at Mikulášské nám. 23. The four years I spent at this institution taught me well, and the range of my interests broadened considerably, perhaps also thanks to them. The teachers let me visit a number of contests and ‘Olympiads’, which spurred my interest in biology, chemistry and even English. As early as the end of my second year there I resolved that I would seek to study biological sciences in an English-speaking country.

Now, enjoying the support provided by The Kellner Family Foundation, I can attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The university offers much more than classes, though: a broad range of sports and music clubs, volunteering opportunities and, eventually, a number of study programs for successful students, which I hope will be lucky enough to join. After graduation, I would like to continue in research, thereby helping the next and maybe also today’s generation.

Tomáš Marťák

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