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Tomáš Deingruber

* 1995


The Olga Havlová Grammar School in Ostrava, Czech Republic, graduated in 2015


University of Cambridge, UK, started in 2015

Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


I want to study at a globally renowned school, do things to help people, either directly or indirectly, and begin playing a sport.

Interests and hobbies

Science, aviation, cooking, languages

Student resume

I had lived in Ostrava all my life, and so making the decision to go and study abroad was not easy. Eventually, though, I took the big step into the unknown, and I am in for at least three years at the University of Cambridge beginning the fall of 2015.

I’m not entirely sure about what got me there, but it certainly has a thing or two to do with my natural curiosity. While I cannot confirm this 100%, my parents relate that kindergarten teachers had to tackle this personal trait of mine, often tired of my prying questions; reportedly, I would read notes intended only for them towards the end of kindergarten. I left the first stage of elementary school for an eight-year grammar school, which was a great change for me. It was especially during the latter half of my studies that I began focusing on sciences, mostly chemistry. This made my current subject – Natural Sciences – an obvious choice for me.

You may have noticed that I have been primarily academically inclined so far. Competitions and MOOC courses, massive open online courses offered by prestigious international universities and accessible to anyone, accounted for a great deal of my efforts. These courses spurred an interest in me to study abroad, because I was captivated by the way that lectures are organized in these online courses and abroad in general. I was not too keen on sports before, just playing soccer at school and recreational cycling and hiking. This is something I would like to change with my new school – I want to focus on a sport.

Tomáš Deingruber

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