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Tea Vulasová

* 1999

Secondary school:

OPEN GATE – grammar school and primary school, completed 2019


Tilburg University, the Netherlands, Human Resource Studies: People Management (BSc), since 2019



Favourite subjects

Psychology, languages


In the future, I would like to complete my bachelor’s degree at Tilburg University and complete my education with a master’s degree in coaching or happiness management. My dreams definitely include travelling through Asia and the rest of Europe. I would like to improve my French and start learning Dutch and Spanish. In terms of my career, I would like to work in the field of human resource management in the future.

Interests and hobbies

Choral singing, travel, yoga

Student resume

I was born and raised in Opočno, where I attended primary school and primary art school up to year five. On reaching the age of eleven, however, I left my hometown to join the Open Gate grammar school in Babice, where I was able to study thanks to a kind contribution from The Kellner Family Foundation. I successfully completed my studies with IB graduation in the spring of 2019.

It was the psychology class at Open Gate that made me decide to study human resource management. I developed an interest in what motivates people to work, whether they might communicate better with those around them and how people can burn out due to working conditions. I chose Tilbrug University because it offers a focus on the European Union labour market, where I would like to spend my professional life.

Tea Vulasová
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