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29. November 2018 Robert Bihary

Time management is the key when studying at more universities simultaneously

Lack of time. Everybody experiences it regularly but how to solve it? When I started to study at university this year, it hit me sooner than I thought. The main reason is that I study at two universities. This situation is primarily a result of my hesitance. I could not decide which university to choose. At that time I only knew I wanted to study law. Of course, the most obvious option for me was Charles University. However, my schoolmates introduced me another university, CEVRO institute. Not only was it rated so positively by them, but additionally I found out that the law program there is combined with economics, which is one of my favorite subjects. After I successfully finished Open Gate school I had to make the decision. How did I choose? I decided to try both of them.

My first impressions from CEVRO institute
From the very beginning I fell in love with this school. Professors teach clearly, entertainingly and in broader contexts. The relationships are not only good between the students, but also between them and the professors. Thanks to the smaller number of students, the individual approach is fully possible. Altogether it creates positive and comfortable atmosphere.  What I have not expected is that student may discuss and solve problems in groups, especially during the seminars.  Thanks to the flexible schedule I have the time for the second university.

My first impression from Charles University, Law faculty 
Students from this university will totally agree with me. The history of the law faculty gives a person the feeling of being special and the atmosphere makes you feel as a great student from the moment you step into the building.  My study days at Charles University are Thursday, Friday and occasionally Saturday. There are many more students, but that does not decrease the study quality. I cannot say that I know everyone because of the higher number of students, however I can say that we all work together and help each other, even outside of the class. Professors give the space for any question, give comprehensive lectures and are also available when they are not teaching. I can say that in comparison to CEVRO institute there is much more self-study.

So where will I continue to study? Will I choose one of them or continue at both? Sincerely, I haven’t made the decision yet.  Anyway, the lack of time is the main problem when a person is at two universities simultaneously.  The thing is that I cannot focus on my hobbies. That is why I sometimes wish that the day had more hours. However, I think that an effective time management should solve it. There will be no lack of time when I am done with it. 

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