28. February 2020 Robert Bihary

Next Semester

Another semester is over, and I managed to go through it without any issues. That’s because I started the exams early in the examination period and had the last one right before the next semester started. It gave me enough time for preparation, but I had the feeling of no free time, as there was always another exam coming.

The new semester brought new opportunities. Again, I could choose new optional subjects and create my own personalized schedule. To this point, the classes for both optional and required subjects could not be any better, and I look forward to seeing how it will further develop.

Another fact is that my interest in financial market has increased dramatically. The biggest credit for that should be given to the optional subjects that I had the last semester. Forex market is the most interesting one for me, as it is the greatest market in the world. With the help of fundamental and technical analysis, I try to examine the market and see how the price of financial assets will change in the future. I enjoy it very much, but I surely have a lot to study, as it is not as simple as it looks like.

Because I spent a lot of time behind the desk or a computer, I decided to improve my overall lifestyle. I found a swimming pool nearby which I visit regularly. I find it excellent for both exercise and relaxation. Also, there is a fitness center, which I must give a try soon. Maybe I will return to weight training, but now I train mainly with resistance bands. I want to analyze their effectiveness, so I will use them a bit longer.



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