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29. November 2019 Robert Bihary

Christmas and the tests are coming

The new school year has started and many things changed for me. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I decided to study solely at CEVRO institute.

Thanks to that I have more time available and I had a chance to choose more optional subjects to study. The most favorite ones are alternative currencies and decentralized monetary system or banks, money and financial markets. I have to admit that I enjoy more the optional subjects than some of the prescribed ones and I am looking forward to choose more of them the following semester. Another fact is that I need to have more of those subjects to satisfy the school’s credit system, as I didn’t have much of them last year, when I studied at Charles University. In addition,  I am glad that my brother joined me at CEVRO institute this year. It allows me to show him how everything works. We can choose some of the optional subjects together and discuss them in depth. Furthermore, I decided to take some exams earlier during December, to make the examination period in January easier.

When I am not at school, I usually spent my time in a law firm to gain more experience regarding the subjects I study.   This experience is in my opinion as important as the knowledge I learn at school.  Moreover, I experimented with so called keto diet which is getting popular nowadays. It was so effective, that I had to quit it earlier than I expected.

I would love to recommend it, but it is necessary to study it in depth before trying it as well as there is a need to discuss it with some professional, to evade any potential problems.


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