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Nicole Anna Čumbová

* 2001

Pakistan International School & College Tehran (2016 - 2018), Open Gate School (2018 - 2020) 

University of Glasgow, UK, Common Law


Favourite subjects

English & English Literature, Economics, Global Politics


By studying Common Law I would like to develop a thorough understanding of a legal system and after that I plan to pursue a master degree focusing on international business law. During my studies I would like to volunteer and improve my language skills.

Interests and hobbies

I like learning foreign languages, I am interested in the field of international relations and I enjoy various sports. I like horse riding, skiing, volleyball and mountain hiking.

Student resume

Since I was a child I have travelled the world thanks to the diplomatic profession of my parents so I grew up in this global environment. I have met different cultures and it was fascinating for me to perceive the related diversity of worldviews. I’ve decided to pursue a career related to international law where I could use the acquired insight into the international affairs and develop my interests in an economically and politically connected world.

I was convinced that the ideal path to this chosen career was to study law at a prestigious foreign university. I wanted to study in the UK because in addition to access to high quality teaching I would also have the opportunity to complete my education in English.  Transferring to new grammar school the Open Gate has opened up the extracurricular activities such as journalism and participation in international debate competitions. I finished my secondary school here by passing both the IB Baccalaureate and the Czech high school diploma.

Thanks to my studies at Open Gate and the scholarship from The Kellner Family Foundation I could enrol at the University of Glasgow whose key values are Innovation and change. This makes this university a great place to study a field that specifically needs to be constantly adapted to our ever-valving society. During my studies I intend to take full advantage of it and to develop my skills and incorporate meaningfully the experience I have gained so far.


Nicole Anna Čumbová
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