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Mikuláš Benda

* 1997


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2016


First Medical Faculty of Charles University, Czech Republic, General Medicine, beginning 2016



Favourite subjects

Biology and Chemistry


Successfully graduate from Charles University in General Medicine, choose a residency for postgraduate certification, keep focusing on my favorite pastimes listed below, and find a job in my field.

Interests and hobbies

Sports have always been the most important extracurricular activity for me; they have helped keep not just my body but also my mind in shape. Since my studies are difficult, I find it important to relax mentally and combat stress, and sports are perfect for that. My other interests include music, friends, films and board games.

Student resume

Having been a student of the elementary school in Hoštka, my home village, for seven years, I read about Open Gate in a newspaper, and I eventually made it my dream grammar school despite the difficult admissions process. The transfer was not easy for me but, after six wonderful years, the generous support from The Kellner Family Foundation helped me to pass both the Czech school-leaving examination and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

At Open Gate School, I took an interest in science, which was further bolstered by internships working on molecular biology, mouse genetics and cancer research. While I enjoyed my time in the lab, it made me realize that this type of work would not fulfill me as much as the study of the human body at a university would. This conviction grew even stronger the more I learned about Biology and Chemistry, and so I finally decided to study medicine. In addition, I seek to help people around me, which I believe is one of the chief principles of the study of medicine.

Mikuláš Benda

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