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21. February 2019 Matyáš Jirát

Exploring self through taking up a new hobby

After my mum’s passing, many things have changed. One of them is that I have started reevaluating my life, what is important for me and what I am only doing because I should do so. I have became aimless and I was looking for sparks of energy and devotion in my life. Around the time of this search, I found out the desire to try to move into the wild jungle of digital work, specifically live streaming.

Live streaming is the process of being before camera and talking with people in chat with near no latency delay. It is all about emotions, creating connections with people you don’t see, but they can see and hear your reactions to their comments. It’s a job with great satisfaction factor, as well as feedback system, due to your viewers immediate response to anything they seen on their screens. Usually my live streaming contains video game I play and my commentary, while interacting with my chat and followers.

I expected to have smooth sailing. Buy myself a microphone, a webcam, get my laptop plugged in and start it. What I had no idea about, is how difficult it is to even set up a stream from the technical side, not even mentioning the performing aspect. I had to learn about video encoding and decoding and all their different settings down to how it’s coded. After hours of finding “the setting” which would allow me to actually stream one game I felt immensely victorious. Different game though? That required new setting and the process started all over. And there is so much to improve, which leads us to….

… becoming successful streamer. There isn’t a recipe which you could follow. And success also attained a fluid meaning. For me success was when someone said “good job” or “I really enjoy your stream”. It filled me with feeling of work well done, even if it was only one person in couple hours. One of the finer points, is to learn to appear on the camera. As your every movement is being recorded by the camera, you start feeling conscious about what you do, what you say and what your body gestures are. Viewing yourself and adjusting how you present yourself on the camera, has been great learning experience for me.

Moral of the story is, try new things even if they might look easy or ridiculous in eyes of many. There is always much to learn for an open mind and if you seek to improve yourself and give everything you do your very best, you will find depths in places you’ve never expected.

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