28. February 2020 Matyáš Jirát

Change made possible

In the last two years, I have put a lot of thought into education. Educating is close to my heart and personality. But I have come to a realisation, that in my current phase of life I want to focus on something else. Architecture.

In Bennington College, I am able to change my concentration even relatively late in my education, one of the many unique possibilities in my university. Another is the focus on art in all of its various forms. Due to the wide breadth of skills type of education offered, I had the possibility to experience architecture, drawing, dancing and other arts while I was studying physics and mathematics. This winter I could work again (same as in the summer) under the leadership of architects, civil and structural engineers at Prague based company DI5, where I could gain practical skills as well as an outlook on the future of architecture.  I see how my physics and math education along with the artistic part is helping to reveal to me, that as a person I could not work in one narrow field. I like too much to think about problems and solutions from numerous angles, while at the same time encroaching into numerous territories. This way, my passion for the education of myself and others can never diminish. Teaching, which was my dream for a long time I still see as possible, but probably after numerous years which I would work as an architect.

In education, in my opinion, should be teachers with practical skills, therefore I see even for myself, that in order to teach physics or architecture, I need to gain experience.

Often times, each big change brings with it much of thinking, meditating and revealing. More and more I realise, how such time is odd and precious. In the last year, when I went from school to internship to school to internship to school and I had barely any time to think about what I do and how I work. Even though I was very enriched I could not fully ingest all the experiences I have gained. Similarly, if we don’t fully digest food, we only have the physical feeling of mouth experiencing the food, but our bodies do not gain substance, which is same as an experience without a reflection will only create a surface feeling. And our minds need substance for it to stay sharp in the rapidly changing world.

In architecture, I see the culmination of many different skills and parts of my personality. Above mentioned multidisciplinarity is one of the main. As another, I see my precision, which can and doesn’t have to be valued by architects. My interest in physics and math I see as a great addition, as math has never been very interesting to me just for the sake of math, but applied mathematics are enjoyable. Finding different shapes, lines and volumes are a big part of the esthetics in the architecture, which it exerts on the world. Part of architecture will always be psychology. I inherited a love for it from my passed away mum, who was a psychologist. To think how space affects the mind, to make it more effective or more relaxed or anything else, that all belong into the field of architecture.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people, which have contributed to my education. It is odd to think about education in different tracks than go to uni, obtain title and knowledge in the given field and subsequently according to how fat the payroll will be to evaluate the success of the education. Education is much more. It is a way to think about the world. In my opinion, education should prepare you for the world. For how to perceive a political situation, how to perceive your neighbours and their different opinions of ours, how to perceive the job market and success. Education is force, which recreates our mind and through that our worldview. Thank you.


As you can see, even though I wish to study something else, education is still strong in me.



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