9. November 2018 Lukáš Mácha

Jaguar Land Rover

After a week long Induction which took place in the Chesford Grande Hotel in Kenilworth, Warvickshire I finally started my year long placement with Jaguar Land Rover. Since the job role is classed as highly confidential, I am very limited with what I can actually share with you in this blog.

My role is a Build Engineer in Pilot Operations which is classed as a Manufacturing Department still working in a development phase of the vehicle. Our Pilot Plant is based in Ryton on Dunsmore, just south down the A45 dual carriageway past the Tollbar „Suicide“ Roundabout, that’s what everybody says it actually is like if you dare to drive that way. The objective of our department is to carry out a build of prototype vehicles to prove out the Bill of Materials, Bill of Design, and Bill of Processes.

In the role of Build Engineer I work with the Pilot Plant operations team to support and deliver objectives of the New Model Programmes ensuring we meet all the set objectives, work to tight deadlines and meet expectations in the areas of Safety, Cost, Delivery, Quality, Environment and People. Responsibilities include assisting in delivering and planning workforce readiness as each and every build at this stage of development is hand built, training and technical assistance. Last but not least we closely cooperate with Plant Launch teams to ensure a flawless launch once it gets to the Job 1.

As all JLR activities are scrutinized by people all over the world the pressure is on and the entire team is motivated to deliver products customer will love for life. With an incredible amount of money invested in development every year, JLR put itself on the forefront and leading edge in Automotive Industry offering customers two of the British most iconic brands Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. Having said that, being such iconic British brand, the company doesn’t plan on staying and crafting only within England but expands worldwide. With factories all over the world, namely in China, Brazil, Austria, India and a brand new state of the art Manufacturing Facility in Nitra, Slovakia, JLR truly is a diverse, multicultural and well known company.

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