3. July 2017 Lukáš Mácha

It is over.

It has already been a while since I moved to the UK with expectations and full of nerves. A lot of happened since then and by the way, my first year at the University of Derby is over.

All exams, essays, reports and presentations successfully passed maybe with even better grades than expected. Despite of all worries that the hardest time will come in the period of examination and when approaching deadlines, these days were quite alright and all the tension was released with the last handed assignment. Every high demand from tutors during the year payed off because the intense preparation and hard work from throughout the year showed to be very useful and supportive.

However, as the year passed by the moment of moving out of the Hall of Residence and out of the country has come. I would consider myself as a person who does not collect any useless stuff or just some jerk but the end of this academic year showed up something else. I realised that my luggage, originally 14,8kg, was now almost 40kg and there was no way of taking all the stuff with me back to the Czech Republic. Deciding what to leave at my friend´s to save some money for no checked bag at the airport, and what to take back with me was maybe of a same difficulty as some easier assignments. Fortunately, I mastered the skill of packing things very well and even when the restrictions for onboard bag were just 8kgs I passed the check-in desk and the boarding control successfully with my 12kgs backpack and a laptop bag.

Excited and slightly nervous the plane smoothly landed at the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague in a very sunny and warm day what I consider as a very friendly welcome gesture for coming back home for the first time since the Christmas Holidays.    


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