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Lukáš Mácha

* 1997


Secondary School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering [SPŠ], Tábor (2012-2016)


The University of Derby, U.K., Motorsport Engineering



Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering


Successfully graduate from the University of Derby and promote the good name of both The Kellner Family Foundation and SPŠ Tábor. Perhaps try the master’s program... Who knows?

Interests and hobbies

Anything that smells of gasoline or diesel; and also football, the Czech fire-fighting sport, and electric vehicles.

Student resume

I grew up in Božejovice, a colorful little village in southern Bohemia. After doing my first few years at the elementary school in nearby Jistebnice I began discovering the amazing things SPŠ Tábor offered students who wanted more than just to go to school, sit out those few hours, and then, bored, go home. In the second year there I had an opportunity to join the Electric Vehicles project, the purpose of which studied zero emission electric vehicles, which we also built ourselves. During this project we went to see a host of exhibitions, including AMPER which is held in Brno every year, and also visited the Linzer Technikum (HTL), or LiTec, in Linz, Austria, where we attended their Project Day where local students present their annual projects.

In May 2014, I visited Fakultät für Informatik, Kommunikation und Medien in Hagenberg, Upper Austria, thanks to The Euro-Regional Cooperation in the Upper Austria/Southern Bohemia Border Region 2013-2014 project organized by the Southern Bohemian Region. When the Dean described the university for us, an idea spawned in my head: go abroad to study; however, I didn’t know any German and my English was poor.

Well, OK, so suddenly we were at the beginning of the fourth year, September 2015, and all I heard all the time was one question: “Where are you go to college?” One application, for ČVUT, the Theoretical Basis of Mechanical Engineering course, was very clear, I wouldn’t ruin anything applying there, I told myself; however, what about studying abroad? The U.S.? Too far. Germany? I can’t sprechen. The U.K.? Hmm, that might work. Earlier, I browsed the internet for universities I would like--Uni of Derby, Bradford, Swansea, Teeside, Sunderland. Good ratings for the quality of their technical courses, and studying in smaller towns didn’t reek of gigantic costs of living. Oh! Admitted conditionally! Following a few waking nights and a few hours spent on writing my Personal Statement, the biggest problem with which was to resist giving it all up, because you are writing about yourself and you can’t make up stories or exaggerate, the message from the university was a sweet reward. I only had to make my “firm and insurance choice”, pass the school leaving examination with the required average and somehow let the folks at home know that it was possible that I would only be coming home for Christmas for the next three years… All has turned out well, fortunately, and so in September, I am joining the University of Derby to fight for a B.Eng. in Motorsport and Motorcycle Manufacturing Engineering, backed by huge support provided by my whole family and friends, and, mainly, The Kellner Family Foundation.

Lukáš Mácha

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