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Jitka Mertlová

* 2000

Secondary school:

Gymnázium Jaroslava Vrchlického in Klatovy, completed 2019


University of Edinburgh, UK, Chemical Physics, since 2019 



Favourite subjects

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics


First of all, of course, to complete my university studies successfully. And then to put everything I have learned (and not just at school) to practical use. To be a useful human being.

Interests and hobbies

Chemistry (primarily physical chemistry) and physics of the micro-world, astronomy, foreign languages and literature, writing experimental prose and poetry, piano playing, and photographing

Student resume

I grew up in Klatovy, a small town in western Bohemia, and I am the happy “owner” of two siblings and a pet fish. I attended primary school in Klatovy, and after fifth year, I started at the local grammar school, which I also completed.

I have always been a very inquisitive child, and (I hope) I still am. At first I was not sure what path to follow after secondary school, as almost every subject had many attractions; in the end, however, I was won over by natural sciences. Chemistry impressed me most, and this led me to the work as part of a scheme called ‘students’ technical projects’ in the area of drinking water analysis. I then had an opportunity to do an internship at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague as part of the Open Science project. This was a very valuable experience, enabling me to get a glimpse of real scientific research while still in high school.

In addition to these academic activities, I like spending time with my family, and learning English, German and French. I love going for long walks in the countryside, on which I often take photographs. When I cannot get to sleep at night, I like to watch the night sky, thanks to which I have become an amateur astronomer.

Jitka Mertlová
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