Jan Blaha

* 1999


Přelouč Grammar and Technical High School, general grammar school (2010–2018)


University College London, three-year Biological Sciences program, beginning 2018, expected graduation in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree



Favourite subjects

Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Biology


I plan to continue my studies in a doctoral program at an institution as excellent as University College London, and once I have completed them, I plan to be involved in research and focus on my scientific career at the best scientific institutions in the world.

Interests and hobbies

Tech, politics, tea, science

Student resume

I grew up in Přelouč, a small town in the Elbe Lowlands near the city of Pardubice. I attended the local grammar school for the majority of my life to date. Over time, I have gone from hating chemistry and biology to having a deep love of it, thanks to my wonderful teachers.

While in my third year (“tercie”) I participated in the Přírodovědci (Scientists) program of Charles University’s Faculty of Science, and from 2013 I was involved in the Children’s Science Conference organized annually by the Scientists organization. I received an award from The Neuron Benevolent Fund for Support of Science as part of the conference, for my project on saliva pH, in 2014. Neuron and its benefactor, Jaroslav Řasa, decided to turn my childhood science dream into a reality.

I wanted to experience science up close. I therefore took part in a three-week internship at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences during my summer holidays. I was involved in a project of research into the Nce103p carbonic anhydrase of the Candida parapsilosis pathogenic yeast, aiming to understand the functioning and properties of the enzyme, which could serve as the potential target for treatment using new antimycotic preparations.

While my three-week internship is over, I remain involved in the project to this day. I have spent a lot of time at the IOCB, including summer holidays some years. I participated in many high school competitions and conferences with the insights I had gained. Through EXPO SCIENCE AMAVET, I progressed to the I-SWEEEP 2016 and Intel-ISEF 2017 international conferences and came in third and fourth, respectively. I won the Little Czech Heads award in 2017.

My interest in science and molecular biology, which I have discovered in my short career so far, is only growing stronger over time, so I decided to pursue the subject further. I have chosen to study in the UK for many reasons. Following a long search of the right university, I chose University College London, which will help me obtain relevant knowledge and experience for me to become a good researcher, and so be able to address major problems of the future and thus contribute to the shared effort geared towards a well-functioning and successful society.

Jan Blaha
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