Jan Apolín

* 2000

Grammar School Nad Alejí (2012-2017), Bede’s Senior School (graduated in 2019)

United Kingdom, University of Oxford, Physics, since 2020


Favourite subjects

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry


My current goal is to get the best possible education and manage my studies at Oxford in a way to be able to deepen my knowledge of physics and math. I would like to specialize in quantum physics and participate in research one day to contribute to new technologies development.

Interests and hobbies

Piano, guitar, singing, theatre and music production

Student resume

I’ve been living in Prague since I was born and grew up here in a family of musicians. I was interested in music my whole childhood more less. I started to focus on science during my studies at the grammar school Nad Alejí. I decided for Physics specifically at my first year when I also started to be interested in studying abroad. I was applying for an HMC scholarship that allowed me to study Bede’s Senior School, a private High School in Great Britain. 

Among other subjects Bede’s had an excellent math Instruction and during two-year preparation for the A-Level exams other fascinating opportunities have arised. I led the winning team of the National UK Space Design Competition and could participate in the International Finals at NASA KSC in Florida. My dream of pursuing world-class physics suddenly became more realistic and I applied to Oxford. I chose it not only for the quality of teaching but also because I want to be surrounded by people who share the same passion for revealing the secrets of our reality.  

I want to develop my knowledge in all directions and do what I do with 100 % percent of energy. I believe the University of Oxford is the perfect place for that.

Jan Apolín
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