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Jakub Příbaň

* 1999

Secondary School  

English International School Prague (graduated in 2017)


University of Cambridge, Computer Science with Physics (beginning 2017)



Favourite subjects

Physics, mathematics, chemistry, German


My main goal is to successfully complete the three-year Bachelor’s program in Computer Science with Physics and, in the process, find a specific field to focus on in my fourth year as part of my Master’s program. In addition, I want to stay sane by keeping the balance between learning and extracurricular activities.

Interests and hobbies

My hobbies obviously include programming and computer work, and also piano playing, acting and various sports (mostly volleyball and cycling).

Student resume

Although I was born in Canada I spent all my life in the Czech Republic. I come from Károv, near Prague, and I went to an English-speaking international school ever since the first class – the English International School Prague. That is where I experienced the British educational system to the fullest: IGCSE exams and eventually the ‘terror’ known as International Baccalaureate.

While preparing for the IB, programming gave way to other subjects but remained an integral part of my extracurricular activities. I always found joy in devising technological solutions and then looking for problems to apply them to. Thanks to the broad range of such activities and the encouragement from my inspiring teachers, I not only survived the thirteen years at EISP but also reached a position allowing me to make my dreams a reality. Living in an environment where international education is not only the norm but also de rigueur can be tough at times, but it has become reality thanks to the support from The Kellner Family Foundation.


Jakub Příbaň
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