15. November 2016 Alinuur Bille Hassan

Second year

Although it was a new academic year I still have unfinished business with Histology, embryology and Medical Biology (genetics) of which the exams are due in January.

In addition three new subjects were introduced for the winter semester, namely Physiology, Biochemistry and medical informatics. I used to hear from senior year student that, ‘the second year is a reward from the freshman year’. Little did I know my curriculum and subjects were a bit altered. I managed an average of three tests per week since the beginning of this semester not forgetting individual presentations and team based learning (TBL). A times it was a bit overwhelming but I tried to tackle one task at a time.

However, not all was boring as it may seem. This year with the introduction of Physiology and biochemistry, we had the chance to combine the knowledge of these two together with histology. Consequently, we carried out an experiment to pertaining ulceration in the stomach and possible zollinger-ellison syndrome. Basically, this is a gastrin secreting tumorous tissue from the pancreas or duodenum that stimulates parietal cells (acid secreting cells) of the stomach which leads excess acid in the stomach as a result leads to mucousal ulceration. We still have  a few more biochemistry and physiology practicals and experiments to do therefore more fun times to come I reckon.

Other than school I play football every Sunday to keep me ‘sane’. Our faculty formed a football team that competes in tournaments with other faculties in Prague. I’m training in order to make the cut for the summer semester.

All in all the year started intensely as well as positively. I am now gearing up for upcoming winter examination mode since it is just around the corner. Which subsequently means no Christmas holidays.


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