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11. April 2016 Alinuur Bille Hassan

Second Semester in Medical School

The first semester of medical was intense filled with new wonderful experience. We took a short winter break and the second semester commenced. Just as we expected the schedule was more packed than the previous one. Extra courses like histology and medical biology (genetics) were added. Which meant my studying routine had to be changed because these two subjects are time consuming as well. Just like anatomy.

I am not going to lie, it can be a long and sometimes lonely road but dedication, determination and passion for this field is taking me to places I would have imagined before. Long hours of lectures, practicals and seminar followed by endless study sessions in the library sometimes till morning is a norm for medical students. Coffee especially espresso and energy drink have become my best friends. I’m not saying is a healthy life either but it could serve the purpose intended. Social circle narrows drastically and cadavers become your close ones. 

Second semester with introduction of histology and medical biology we were presented to microscopy part of medicine. Histology is a microscopic field of anatomy that deals with tissues of animals and plants. But since we are in medical school our main concentration was human tissue cells. We spend at least 4 hours per week in the laboratory trying identify and recognize different tissues in the human body. It was breathtaking to see how this micro organelles carry out different bodily functions for instance metabolisms, production of nutrient, secretion of hormones etc. with the previous knowledge of anatomy is was easier to complete the puzzles. Histology will be followed by embryology and development biology. A field that deals with how life is started from a simple cell to the creation of babies.

In Medical biology, precise area of concentration was genetics. Medicine genetics seeks to understand how genetic variation relates to human health and diseases as such. We look at different genetic disorders like Down syndrome or Turner’s syndrome and analyze how their cells are altered and what is causing these cells to change the usual nature. By carrying out different laboratorial researches (mainly DNA manipulation and enzyme restriction) medicine tries to stop the continuation of such disorders to the next off spring by gene manipulation. 

In conclusion even though the courses added to this semester were tough and time consuming, they are interesting and equal importance as well which makes studying them less of a boredom. With every page I wanted to know more about their causes, consequences and how they could be prevented in the future.


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