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16. November 2015 Alinuur Bille Hassan

A step into medical world

After a year absence from school due to illness, I was back again to conquer the medicine world. The transition to medical school started smooth and easy after being welcome by the upper year students. In other words, welcome freshers we know it is hard but we are here for you. The semester kicked off with school representatives showing us around the campus and one of the biggest pediatrics hospital in central Europe – Nemocnice Motol.

I usually wear different coat for different seasons. Often, I have a summer coat which slowly vanishes to autumn and a winter one before it is overwhelmed by spring. But this one coat, as I call it, “the coat” is a very special a dear coat to me. With this coat come responsibilities, adherence and principles that I stand for. Once I wore it, I took an oath to protect and serve my future patients, uphold utmost professionalism and preserve highest standard possible.  With my coat on, it’s one step into a field that is given maximum respect, given a precious task of caring for human beings. 

As soon as I stepped into my first lecture I realized that the information that I was about to receive in medical school was not for my own intellectual gains but also for the benefits and welfare of others. There is a bona fide responsibility to perfect myself and for the sake of my patients. The transition to medicine required a mental concession and evaluation of what my priorities are in this institute. 

My first practical in medical school was Perimetry test. This was ideal in that I have abnormalities towards light. This basically is a visual test for eye examinations that detects visual dysfunctions in the peripheral visions especially the central. This can be caused by various medical conditions which may include brain tumors, stroke, glaucoma and various neurological defects. In this practical, my task was to examine for glaucoma: test, process and evaluate data. The eyesight in one of the vital senses of organ in the human body. Eyes are part of the brain that operates the vision nerve and sigh path. Main focus of glaucoma is the pupil reactions and systematic measurement of different light sensitivity in the visual filed by the reaction and detection of the presence of some test targets that are defined in the background which in turn provides information to the retina, the optical nerve and intracranial vison path. This practical applications are: before taking driving test, aviation fields among others. 

With further such wonderful practicals and medical experiences to come, I could only be excited for what the future has to offer. I know transformation into a doctor is not going to happen overnight. There are struggles, long hours of studying into the fall of dusk, the mental exhaustion and so on. These are the challenges that are needed to make one a better self and others. Needless to say I’m ready for the challenges.

Alinuur Hassan
Medical student, 2. Faculty of medicine, Charles University, 2015


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